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About Our Organization and Services in Southwestern Ohio

Since its founding, Ahlers Meals has grown over the years but our values have endured. We provide nutritional assistance for the most vulnerable in our communities, with a focus on service, quality, and the freedom to choose your own menu items. Our meal assistance programs are trusted by elderly and disabled individuals and their caregivers across southwestern Ohio, fostering reliable nutrition and greater peace of mind. Find out more about our history, mission, and meal home delivery programs.

Our Origins and Values

Our founder, Mary Ann Ahlers, began by cooking meals for a few clients in an old diner. After seeing the growing need for well-balanced, easily accessible meals throughout the community, she expanded her services and our company began to grow into the organization it is today. Currently, we serve the communities of Southwestern OH, including the Greater Cincinnati and Dayton areas and the Lima region. Read our story, learn about how our mission influences our quality of service, and find answers to your questions about our meal delivery services.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to minimize food insecurity. We promote the wellbeing and independence of disabled and aging populations by providing nutritious, fulfilling meals directly to our clients’ homes. Learn more about our purpose and values.


Do you have questions? We have answers. From how to sign up with Ahlers Meals to how to change an established order, our FAQs page makes it easy to find the information you need to get started and manage your program.


Ahlers Meals is a caring, trusted resource for elderly and disabled individuals across OH regions. Read through some of our customers’ testimonials to see what our valued clients have to say about our level of service, menu variety, community impact, and more.


We’re happy to give you everything you need to sign up with our meal home delivery programs. If you need more information about our menu or ordering process to share with a loved one or family, request a brochure today.

Combating Food Insecurity with Award-Winning Service

While the team at Ahlers Meals delivers food directly to elderly and disabled individuals, we understand that food insecurity extends beyond the humans in the home. Through Ahlers Angels, we also provide free food for dogs and cats. This means your companion animal can consistently receive the nutritious food they need to thrive, and you can enjoy greater peace of mind as a pet owner.

We’re proud to say that Ahlers Meals is the 2021 Winner of Outstanding AAA Provider Partnership of the Year from Ohio Association of Area Agencies on Aging. It’s our hope to expand in the future and help even more people in need. Check out our news updates for other insights into our organization.

How to Qualify for Meal Assistance

If you or a loved one may benefit from easily accessible, at-home nutrition assistance, Ahlers Meals can help. Many of our clients use government or health plan programs to help pay for our programs. Other organizations may also be available to provide funding, such as:

You or your loved one may need to meet certain criteria to receive monetary support. How do you qualify? Find out more information from our team.

Getting Started

Every customer gets to hand-pick frozen and shelf-stable meals from our menu that suit their individual needs and tastes. The items on our menu come from major, easily recognizable brands, so our clients receive the foods they already know and love. Our process begins with a meeting with our Consumer Intake Specialist. During this consultation, we’ll discuss your delivery options and meal preferences. At this time, we’ll also walk through the ordering process step by step.

Do you need low-sodium options or sugar-free desserts? Our Consumer Intake Specialists take extra care to account for special dietary requirements, ensuring each delivery meets your nutritional needs. And every order is diligently packed inside a cooler bag, so it’s still fresh by the time it reaches your door.

Sign Up For Our Meal Home Delivery Programs

If you or a loved one could benefit from meal home delivery programs with personalized options, call on us to deliver. Ahlers Meals caters to vulnerable communities across southwestern OH, including Cincinnati, Dayton, Lima, and the surrounding areas. Contact us today for more information about our organization and services.